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Personal Stationery

As well as being designers and printers of business stationery, Southside Print also produces personal stationery. This can be anything from a simple, typographic letterhead to a full colour, highly designed suite of stationery including overprinted letterheadscompliments slipsbusiness cards and even envelopes. Each might include a personal logo, calligraphic motif or indeed even a family coat of arms. Personal stationery is not for everyone but it is perfect for the image-conscious and those who want to give people a convenient reminder of their name and contact details.

Personal Business Cards

Personal business cards are a great tool for creating a good first impression. Let’s say you’re at a posh function and want to do a bit of networking. Without a personal business card, you may initially impress but you may also be forgotten again within minutes without some kind of reminder. Hand out a beautifully designed personal business card and it’s sure to remind your prospect or future employer of you once again. After all, it’s something they can keep long term. Personal business cards are great at interviews, networking events, functions, trade shows or when you’re selling your services in some way on a one-to-one basis. Of course, in their simplest form, they are also a convenient way of reminding friends and family of your contact details and home address.

Personal Letterheads

Personal letterheads are a great tool for those wishing to create the best impression when communicating via the written word. Whether you’re sending off your CV, working as a sole trader or liaising personally at a high level, bespoke letterheads allow you to look great even though you’re not right there in person. You will stand out from the crowd as someone with style and as someone who goes the extra mile.

Personal Compliments Slips & Envelopes

You can take this a step or two further by including personal compliments slips and overprinted envelopes in your suite of personal stationery. So, the moment your envelope arrives with your intended recipient, they will know it contains a communication from you. And compliments slips are useful when you want to perhaps send something to someone and have no time to scribble a note. With the compliments slip accompanying the item you supplied, it all speaks for itself with minimal effort and fuss.

Personal stationery will tell people that you are a quality individual and be a lasting reminder of something very special … you!

Image, Information & a Useful Reminder

Put simply, personal stationery will tell people that you are a quality individual. Your personal stationery will impress, let the recipient know your contact details and be a lasting reminder of something very special; you.

Southside Print — your Personal Stationery Supplier in Southwark

If you’re looking for a personal stationery printer in the SE1 region, Southside Print would be very happy to help. We can design, generate artwork and, of course, print your stationery at high quality, so that you look your very best on paper. Our in-house designers will make you look great while communicating your contact details professionally and with style. Our digital printing service is hard to beat in Southwark, so we can produce the highest quality printed stationery, at very competitive rates. We’ll be happy to discuss options including full colour, digital foiling, textured or tinted papers and much more. Call us on 020 7378 6754 for an informal chat without obligation, or request an online design and/or printing quotation here and we’ll be happy to help. Or perhaps you already have your digital artwork ready. If that’s the case, simply upload your artwork files here and we’ll take it from there.

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