We are direct mail specialists and can help at all stages of the promotional process, from marketing concepts and design right through to distribution to your customers and prospects.

Direct Mail Services

Our direct mail services include:

  • Design and artwork of your printed mailers if required;
  • Optimising the size and weight of mailers to save on postage costs;
  • High quality printing and finishing of your mailing pieces;
  • ‘Mail merge’ type personalisation of every piece if required;
  • Envelope stuffing and collation of mailed components into outers;
  • Overprinting envelopes and postcards or otherwise affixing printed address labels;
  • Organising stamps or postage, including in bulk;
  • Dispatching your direct mail to your target distribution list.

So, we have direct mail pretty much covered for you!

Direct Mail Works!

Direct mail helps to build long-term relationships with your customers. Survey after survey also shows that people prefer to look at something physical rather than something digital when making a purchasing decision. Direct mail works — and it’s proven. According to a Royal Mail survey …

After receiving direct mail,
92% of recipients were driven to online activity and
87% were influenced to make online purchases.
Compare that to the 51% of people who delete promotional emails within 2 seconds!

Royal Mail’s research suggests that direct mail can increase the ROI of your marketing by 12%. IPA Effectiveness Awards Databank analysis also shows that the inclusion of direct mail in the marketing mix is 27% more likely to achieve top-ranking sales performance and 40% more likely to deliver top-ranking acquisition levels compared to marketing campaigns that don’t include any direct marketing at all. Direct mail is a proven and growing marketing channel, having consistently grown every year for the last 8 years, now representing the third largest advertising channel according to a 2018 report by the Advertising Association.

The data speaks for itself and the message is clear: if you’re not making use of direct mail as part of your sales and marketing efforts, you’re missing out on extra exposure, extra customers and extra profits!

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