Printing for SE1 Cafés, Bars, Pubs & Restaurants

This post is for anyone running a food and drink establishment in SE1 and beyond. Whether you run a café, bar, bistro, restaurant, pizzeria, burger bar, coffee house, public house or even a hotel, you should find something useful here.

At Southside Print, we print a huge variety of items for eating and drinking establishments throughout Borough, London Bridge, SE1 and London generally. These include anything from menus and posters to banners and table talkers. We’ll cover a more complete list below.

We’re based in Tabard Street in London’s SE1 region, so are right in the middle of a hugely popular community with busy cafés, restaurants, bars and even high quality street food around many corners — it’s absolutely thriving. ‘Foodies’ have a massive choice of different foods on tap, from every continent of the globe. Choose Italian food, Greek, Indian, Chinese, French, Turkish — in fact pretty much any kind of food you can think of will be catered for in London’s SE1. It’s a paradise for the hungry! It also means that, as printers, we’re incredibly used to supplying just the right printed sales and marketing collateral for anyone running an eating and drinking establishment.

Examples of what we can print include:

Menus for simply indian

Menus & Menu Covers

We produce a great many different types of printed menu. So, whether you require the whole menu made into a booklet, a traditional fold-out printed menu, or just a protective printed cover in which to house your own in-house print-outs, we can help. There are lots of options and these also include matt or gloss lamination or encapsulation to protect your menus from food or drink spillage and to make them last far longer. We print using an on demand digital process and that means we can supply just one menu if that’s all you need, or a much larger quantity. See the images (right and above) for just a couple of different menu examples. Click any of them for a larger view.


Many eating and drinking establishments also have a stand-up, folded information card of some kind on every table and sometimes also at the till. These ‘table-talkers’ as they’re known, can tell customers about special offers, today’s specials, or about some kind of loyalty club or scheme. We can print and produce these for you, of course. Table-talkers are a great way to impart your sales message to a captive audience if you place one at every table. As with menus, they can be matt or gloss laminated so that they are protected, durable and easily wiped clean.

Table talker Sally White
NCR Pad for Nelsons

NCR Order Pads

One of the key tools in virtually every eatery is the waiter or waitress’s order pad. We can supply multi-sheet, multi-part ‘NCR’ (no carbon required) pads so that everyone gets their own copy of every order. Perhaps the customer gets a white copy, the waiter gets a blue copy, the chef gets a pink copy and the accounts staff get a blue copy. With NCR sets, as we call them in the trade, several copies of each order are automatically made when the waiting staff writes out their notes with a pen. They come with a board back so they’re easier to write on and can be made into multiple sets and convenient pads.

Posters & Banners

Large format posters or banners displayed on walls or in the front window can also be a great way to announce your menu, special offer, seasonal dish or special of the day. They’re really a no-brainer and are also a great way to cross-sell to your captive audience of customers while they’re waiting or relaxing. We can supply posters at pretty much any size whether it’s A3, A2, A1, A0 or larger and hanging banners can be enormous if needed. They can also be waterproof and eyeleted for exterior use, if required — great for when you want to announce availability for a special date (e.g. booking up for Christmas, public holidays or special occasions).

Posters for 28-50 restauran
Blackfriars take away menus

Flyers & Leaflets

Flyers and leaflets are another marketing item worth their weight in gold, for any walk-in business. Leaflets for customers inside your establishment can also help to cross-sell and communicate your products, events, specials and special offers in a timely way. What’s more, your audience is ready and waiting to read them during a relaxed moment while they await their food and drink. Perhaps give them an excuse to take your leaflet home with them, then keep it, for instance using a voucher code for their next visit or some kind of special deal that’s appealing. Flyers handed out in the streets nearby can also work beautifully to attract people to your establishment. Southside Print would be ready, willing and very able to produce these for you, of course.

28 50 texture leaflets

Business Cards

Southside Print can also print you some lovely business cards. These are inexpensive and represent a great reminder of your eating or drinking establishment. Leave the cards at tables, on bar tops, at the cashier desks and in the foyer and people will be sure to pick them up and save them for future reference. This is one sure-fire way to get extra bookings and business with very little effort or expense. Tip: make sure they’re credit card sized so people can easily store them in wallets and purses etc. Check out our latest blog post all about ways to use business cards – and how to make them out of the ordinary and excellent marketing tools.

business cards
loyalty cards

Loyalty cards can be used to great effect to keep your existing customers coming back for more. It’s well-known in marketing circles that existing customers represent the customers with the greatest profit potential. That’s because you have already converted them to a purchase, so the hardest part has already been achieved, and they now know about you and your product. Using a customer loyalty card, you will be ‘pushing at an open door’. This could be, for instance, a card no larger than a business card or tiny postcard on which you rubber stamp a symbol every time they have a coffee or meal of some kind. Perhaps they need ten ‘stamps’ before they get an 11th drink or meal free. It works a treat and really helps to make sure customers keep coming back to your establishment rather than considering trying elsewhere. Southside Print would be happy to produce these inexpensive items for you.

Vouchers & Voucher Codes

We mentioned voucher codes above. When combined with some kind of special discount, publishing a special voucher code on any of your printed marketing and sales items can – and does – help to bring in extra business. So don’t forget to offer such marketing incentives on one or more of your printed sales pieces (and online of course). Making it time-sensitive can also jog people into action. We can help build these into your artwork if needed, then print your sales or marketing pieces beautifully.



If your establishment offers a takeaway service for food and drinks, you’ll probably benefit from some bespoke packaging. Southside print can supply this including printed labels and stickers, bags of various kinds, sleeves, bespoke cartons for takeaways, printed serviettes to remind people about your establishment and much more — just tell us what you need printed and we’ll almost certainly be able to supply it for you, for a very reasonable price.

Great Graphic Design

None of the above will impress customers and prospects at all unless they’re designed well by a good graphic designer. At Southside Print we can help with that too as we an have in-house graphic design and artwork service. We’ll make your establishment, its products and services look simply great! We’ve designed everything from the logo upwards for some eating and drinking establishments. Check out the logo in this example for Flo’s.

logo design

Contact Your SE1 Printer

For help with any printinggraphic design and artwork, contact us at Southside Print in Tabard Street, London SE1 (map). Call us on 020 7378 6754, send us a brief or artwork here, request a printing/design quotation here or email us any enquiry here — we’ll be delighted to help!