100% Card 100% Recyclable Roller Banner

The Verde banner stand is a unique roll-up display stand made entirely from cardboard, making it the first of its kind to be conveniently recycled in the regular paper and cardboard waste stream. The use of a single material source also eliminates the environmental drawbacks associated with traditional banner displays made from mixed metals and plastics, which are notoriously difficult to recycle. Despite being made solely from cardboard, Verde banner stands offer comparable functionality and appearance to other roll-up banners, making them suitable for use in indoor settings such as exhibitions, conferences, and retail spaces.

Carbon footprint: Almost all of the traditional pull up banner cassettes are made in China. The Verde is cassette is produced in Italy so has a much smaller carbon footprint.

cardboard recyclable roller banner

Cardboard Recyclable Banner Stand

The stable base of the Verde roll-up display is made from natural coloured cardboard and the display graphic is printed onto recyclable paper that is rolled up inside the base of the stand for protection during transport. To assemble, the printed graphic is attached to a cardboard spindle that rotates when the graphic is pulled outwards from the base, allowing it to hook onto the top of the support pole inserted into the base. Although the stand is not self-retracting, the Verde banner can be manually rolled up for storage and transport.

The components required to assemble the Verde banner are included in one package, including the printed banner and the support pole made from tubular cardboard sections that slide into one another. The stabilizing feet at the rear of the banner can be easily opened and locked into place with cardboard tabs, improving the stability of the display in high pedestrian traffic areas. The Verde banner is designed for one-off or occasional events and may deteriorate with frequent use. However, with careful and considerate use, the banner can be reused for multiple events.

recyclable banner stand
recyclable banner stand