Southside Print London Bridge is also a litho printer.
Lithographic printing …

  • is the only choice when the quality has to be absolutely top-notch;
  • is the only commercial printing process which allows ‘spot’ colours to be printed, e.g. metallics, fluorescents and Pantone-matched inks.
  • is the only process which allows for machine varnishes and sealants to be printed;
  • is the most cost-effective process if printing is needed in high volume;
  • allows for the use of a greater variety of papers, boards, textures and surface finishes than digital printing;

Southside Print London Bridge can print any size up to B1 (707mm x 1000mm). Call 020 7378 6754 for further information, contact us here, or request a quotation and we’ll come back to you with a price by return.

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