40 Free Chances to Win up to £100,000 – by Sending 1 Email!

Win up to £100k with Southside Print London Bridge

This is a VERY exciting Southside Print announcement! We’re giving existing customers on our emailing list up to FORTY chances of winning up to £100,000 during this month. It’s simple to enter — essentially, all that’s required is ONE email from you to us (see the full details below). No purchase is necessary and there is no catch!

How to enter

  1. Add our email address to your email address book and remove the old sales address, which is being retired;
  2. In a similar way, make sure you have updated any of our old pre-March 2017 email addresses in your address book or contact records (so, for example, update alan@ matt@, aidan@, sales@ and linda@). The old email addresses will stop working soon, hence asking you to update them all.
  3. Then, to enter the prize draw and get up to forty chances of winning, simply send an email to the new email address, with the following subject line:
    I have added to my address book
    Please also type your name, company name and address in the message body so we can recognise you more easily as an existing customer and know where to send the scratch cards should you win them.

“It takes just a minute and, assuming you do it straight away, you’ll then have FORTY chances to win a potentially massive amount of money — totally free!”

How it works

Get your lucky scratch cardsOnce we have received your entry email, you’ll automatically be entered into up to four prize draws which will happen during August. Once a week during this month, we’ll choose one respondent at random and they will win 10 £1 scratch cards, any of which might potentially win the customer up to £100,000 if they’re lucky! So, if you enter right away, you have 40 chances of getting a winning scratch card! When you think about it, it’s an amazing opportunity!

“So don’t delay, update your address book right now and send us that email — it would be crazy not to!”

It’s also worth noting that our emailing list only includes a few hundred people, rather than thousands, so your chances of getting your hands on those scratch cards are already pretty good. It’s safe to assume that not everyone will respond too, so your chances of success are even better!

Why are we doing it? What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Having recently re-branded under the Southside Print banner, we are retiring our old email addresses so they will stop working very soon. As background, back in April, we took the decision to leave the previous printing group that we belonged to and re-branded as Southside Print so that we could be more independent and free to do our own thing. With the old email addresses being retired very soon, we are keen for all existing customers to have the correct new email addresses on file.

“So, what are you waiting for?”

You have forty chances of winning up to £100,000 for free if you act fast — it’ll only take a minute! Please follow steps 1, 2 and 3 above — right now if you can, before you forget and potentially miss out on this incredible chance. Any one of those scratch cards might be a winning one! Read more