Printing for online furniture retailer Swoon Editions

Swoon-Editions-Masthead4When writing is part of your job there is a risk that, every once in a while, you will write about something which is so interesting that you spend three times as long researching it as you should! This blog post for Swoon Editions is such a case. Founded in 2012, Swoon Editions was the brainchild of Debbie Williamson and Brian Harrison whose joint vision was to create an online destination where you could buy beautifully designed, hand-crafted furniture at incredibly low prices. They made this possible by starting with limited production batches, minimising warehousing and overheads, and providing products straight from their artisan workshops direct to customers’ homes.

With their furniture falling into categories such as Retro, Shabby Chic, French Style, Industrial Edge and Contemporary to name just a few, their impressive range — and business model — are truly inspired. So too are the many accessories which are also available on the website; rugs, quilts, beautiful storage boxes and more. All items are hand-made by carefully selected craftsmen from around the world.

Swoon HQ is on Southwark Bridge Road in London’s SE1, just a stone’s throw from Southside Print London Bridge, so we were an obvious choice when they started looking for a commercial printing company. We print their letterheads, compliments slips and other stationery as well as recently supplying a suite of 14 full colour, A4, foam board information cards for their own internal use. We supplied the information display cards ‘same day’ and, as only one of each card was required, these were an ideal application for our digital printing service.

Swoon Lille roses chair

Designer Editions are a new venture for Swoon and were first launched in mid April. With Designer Editions, the online retailer will join forces with leading or up-and-coming textile designers to produce weekly limited Editions. Here, unique furniture will be available in strictly limited quantities and Read more