Restored Artwork for Restorative Justice

Restored Artwork for Restorative Justice

Sometimes even a supposedly simple piece of design and artwork can meet with unforeseen complications, which can then make printing seemingly impossible. That’s exactly what happened with some business cards for our local client Why Me? recently, when their original artwork went completely missing. They’d had some fairly straight forward business cards produced in the past, but couldn’t locate the original artwork files. That’s where Southside Print’s Matt Potter came to the rescue. Matt is Southside Print’s resident graphic designer. He simply used some of the last few remaining cards as visual reference and, based on those, managed to rebuild the artwork entirely from scratch. He successfully matched fonts, colours, the layout and the design and, in no time at all, the ‘new’ business cards had been printed and supplied to the client — a great outcome for everyone.

Lost your Artwork? Need it Restored?

No problem at all. As with the business cards above, we can usually match fonts or find something very similar if an exact match is not possible. We can also match colours, design layouts and often we can even reproduce or substitute missing graphics. While some graphics are easier to replace than others, our talented design and artwork team can usually save the day and rescue the situation in virtually every case. That’s true whether it’s for business cards, leaflets, brochures or something larger like a poster or display panel. We can supply a free quotation before proceeding, of course, so you’ve nothing to lose by asking us for potential help.

About ‘Why Me?’

Why Me? is a national charity that primarily helps victims of crime to attain some kind of restorative justice. As part of this, the charity’s Restorative Justice Service helps offenders to understand the true impact of their crimes which, in turn, can often help to stop them re-offending in the future. Indeed, this is exactly how the charity started life …

The charity was started by Will Riley, himself a victim of crime. Back in 2002 when Will was a London businessman, a burglar gained entry to his house. Will confronted the burglar, a struggle ensued and Will eventually managed to hand the burglar over to the police. It turned out that the burglar was a career criminal named Peter Woolf. Woolf was sent to prison for the crime but the two men later met again voluntarily at a ‘Restorative Justice’ meeting at Pentonville Prison.

“Imagine the person who has caused you harm is sitting opposite… What would you say?”

Will, the victim, was able to explain the impact of the burglary directly to the offender in question and to obtain answers to some challenging questions. This process turned out to be a healing one and represented quite a turning point for both men. Will Riley subsequently felt that he was no longer fearful of opening his front door and Peter Woolf stopped offending completely, going ‘straight’ after many years of crime. Not only did both men directly benefit but also it meant that potentially hundreds of additional people did not become victims of the burglar once he left prison. Such is the power and potential of Restorative Justice.

The video below explains more and features both Will and Peter, who both now work to help victims of crime.

Today, Why Me? facilitates a similar process for any victim of crime in England and Wales. Their Restorative Justice Service allows victims to tell offenders about the impacts of their crime and empowers them to ask direct questions that only the perpetrator can answer. A dialogue can be facilitated through written messages or, with the appropriate preparation, through face-to-face meetings. The result is often that feelings are expressed, questions are answered, victims get back their self-confidence and peace of mind is restored. Offenders get to understand more fully the impact of their actions and to take responsibility for those actions, subsequently making sounder judgements on their future way forward once any sentence is complete.

As well as running regular Restorative Justice services for victims of crime, Why Me? raises public awareness about the impact of crime on victims and aims to influence and inform criminal justice decision-makers at the highest levels. The charity also runs several training programmes including Victim Focus training for the Police and Crime Commissioners along with a Valuing Victims campaign. In all of these endeavours, the victims’ experiences, viewpoints and future well-being are the primary focus.

If you have been a victim of crime and would potentially like to take part in a Restorative Justice programme, the Why Me? team can be contacted on 020 3096 7708 or email . Why Me? are based at Can Mezzanine, 7-14 Great Dover Street, Borough, London SE1 4YR. Website:

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