Printing for London Charity Hestia

Digital & Large Format Printing for Hestia, London SE1

Sincere thanks go out to London charity Hestia, who are based just a stone’s throw away from us in Borough High Street, SE1, and have been keeping us extraordinarily busy in recent times.  At Southside Print, we’ve produced an incredible array of printed items for them, including leaflets, pamphlets, posters, reports and brochures. So — a good mixture of both digital printing and large format printing to date. We’ll go into more detail about all of the printing later on in this post but, first, we want to tell you all about Hestia and the incredible work that they do …


Hestia empowers people and changes livesHestia is a London-wide charity which, simply put, empowers people and changes lives. The charity has its roots back in 1970, originally starting as a soup run for those living rough in the Covent Garden Market region, under the stewardship of Jim Horne, who himself had personal experience of homelessness. Having changed its name to Hestia Housing and Support by 1998, the charity now helps individuals and families who may be in crisis by helping them fulfil aspirations, stay healthy and gain independence. Each year, the organisation helps approximately 9000 adults and children in the London region. These are people who:

  • may be victims of domestic abuse
  • may be victims of modern slavery
  • may have mental health issues
  • may require emotional and practical support in order to succeed in their daily lives
  • may have learning and/or physical disabilities
  • may be ex-offenders who want to make a new start
  • may be old, infirm, young care leavers or vulnerable in some way
  • may be addicted to drugs, substances or alcohol
  • may be having difficulties with their finances
  • are having problems finding somewhere permanent to live

The Phoenix Project – Helping Victims of Modern Slavery Rebuild Their Lives

Hestia, a London charity based in Borough High StreetHestia is launching a new initiative early this year; the Phoenix Project. This is an important scheme which helps victims of modern slavery. By partnering with specialist volunteers from language education, business, health/well-being, law, housing, therapy and other parts of the public sector, Hestia helps victims of modern slavery along the path to recovery, safety and independence.

The charity is currently inviting applications from interested parties, from the sectors mentioned above, who would potentially like to get involved in this extremely worthwhile initiative. Applicants need to be good listeners, enjoy meeting new people and be good at building relationships. More information can be found on the charity’s Opportunities page and a leaflet can also be downloaded here. For any questions about the project, please get in touch with Jenny Harrison, the Phoenix Project Coordinator, on 07469 857 242 or email .


Hestia's Phoenix Project helps victims of modern slavery along the path to recovery, safety and independenceHelping 400 victims of human trafficking every day, supporting 29 refuges for homeless women and children and helping over 2,400 adults per year to recover from mental health crises requires a large amount of resources — and that’s just a few examples of the work that Hestia does. £86k will be needed this year for the charity’s ‘Children Service’, nearly £50K will be needed to continue to help women facing severe hardship, often following abusive relationships, £25k will need to be raised for Hestia’s Good Energy Club, which helps to improve the lives of people with mental health conditions, and a further £50k will be needed to help ensure that survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery are not re-trafficked. It all adds up to a huge amount of money. With no funds received directly from the Government, Hestia relies entirely on the financial support of the general public and would welcome donations from those who are able to give. Please visit this page if you are able to donate towards this very worthwhile cause, or get involved in one of our fundraising events here. Thank you.

To learn more about Hestia, visit, call 020 7378 3100 or write to Hestia Housing & Support, 1st & 2nd Floor, Maya House, 134-138 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LB.

Printing in Borough & London Bridge, SE1

Going back to our involvement with Hestia, a few examples of printing we’ve produced for them include:

  • a range of full colour A1 posters, produced using our large format printer using a lovely 200gsm Xerox Photo Satin stock, which were mounted to 5mm Foam-X (a semi-rigid, lightweight board);
  • an oversize ‘cheque’, used for presentation purposes, which was produced in the same way;
  • a further range of colour A3 posters that were each printed on a heavy weight (350gsm) silk stock;
  • some A4 ‘impact reports’ that we printed in full colour onto 2oogsm silk paper internally (350gsm weight for their covers) then saddle-stitched and finished;
  • various A5 leaflets and pamphlets, which were printed digitally, in full colour, using a 200gsm silk coated stock;
  • a volunteering leaflet/pamphlet, which was printed in the same way apart from folding it so that its finished shape was tall and thin (H297 x W105mm), despite starting life as standard A4.
  • All design and artwork was supplied by Hestia.
  • It’s also worth noting that, although not requested by the client, many of the jobs were turned around by us in just 24 hours or thereabouts.

So, if you also require printing in the Borough and London Bridge area, then you have come to the right place! Southside Print are high quality, competitively priced litho printers, digital printers and large format printers and are based in Tabard Street, SE1, just a few minutes’ walk from Borough tube and London Bridge station. We also offer a full graphic design service, a print management service, and a document copying/duplication service. The truth is, we can print pretty much anything — take a look! Call 020 7378 6754 for more information, request a print quote here or upload your completed artwork to us here and we’ll be really happy to help.

Printed posters for Hestia Digital printing for Hestia (back/front) Digitally printed posters for Hestia Printed Phoenix Project leaflets for Hestia Large format cheque & digitally printed pamphlet for Hestia

Our thanks to Josh Mclean at Hestia for his help with images and information for this blog post.