Printed Stationery for ‘Alive and Kicking’ Charity

Printed letterheads and business cards for Alive and Kicking

One of the most interesting customers that we’ve printed for in recent times is Alive and Kicking, who have an office here in London. The registered charity helps to improve lives in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana on the African continent and we’ll explain the innovative yet amazingly effective way they achieve that below.

Printed Letterheads & Business Cards

First, though, a quick note about what we print for them. In their case, it’s very straight forward. We currently print just their letterheads and business cards, which just goes to prove that Southside Print customers don’t have to print much with us in order to be featured in our bi-monthly blog. The letterheads are printed on 100gsm white paper and the business cards are printed double-sided on 340gsm white card, for a few different personnel. The charity supplied its own artwork in this case.

Now, though, we’ll go back to the charity itself and highlight the amazing work it does.

Alive and Kicking

With its headquarters in London, Alive and Kicking is an award-winning African ‘social enterprise’ which creates ethical employment for adults at the same time as improving the quality of life and health of disadvantaged youths. The registered charity uses business practices and the African continent’s passion for football to boost local economies, provide children with the right equipment to play and uses sport as a tool to help combat the spread of deadly diseases including HIV and malaria.

Making a footballSince it was established in 2004, Alive and Kicking has produced over 750,000 footballs, 20% of which were donated to good causes. Alive and Kicking employees individually screen print the footballs by hand and this allows them to be used for promotional purposes by businesses, to be personalised for individuals or printed with messages of any kind for a myriad of other purposes. Every football is hand-stitched using leather which, being locally sourced, helps to support the local communities. This material also means that the footballs are tough, durable and repairable. The organisation is the only formal manufacturer of sports balls on the African continent.

The Alive and Kicking programme has 3 main objectives:

  1. to support people from disadvantaged backgrounds (90% of employees are from such backgrounds);
  2. to promote social issues around communities, using sports in partnership with experts in relevant fields;
  3. to donate footballs to schools, communities and children’s homes that can’t afford sports equipment. Many of the children will have never played with a real football before.

Alive and Kicking - what we do

Buying a ball from Alive & Kicking means that ethical jobs will be created, families will be supported, youngsters will learn about deadly diseases, and everyone gets to have some fun. By buying a ball, lives will change for the better. Alive and Kicking’s centres in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana now employ over 140 people, donate thousands of balls each year and run nationwide health awareness programmes. The wages paid to those making the footballs support, on average, six dependants per employee.

The following video will bring the organisation’s aims to life:

Originally at London Bridge just up the road from Southside Print, Alive And Kicking’s UK Headquarters is now located in Hoxton Street in London N1 and supports its African operations through management of international sales, strategy and partnerships together with the sourcing of funds for start-up and health programmes.

For more information contact Alive and Kicking at:

147 Hoxton Street, London, N1 6QG
Phone 0207 686 9852

You can learn more about the organisation, make a donation, shop for footballs and find out a whole lot more at

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