Printing a Board Game for The Hepatitis C Trust, SE1

Printed board game and cards for The Hepatitis C Trust

Southside Print London Bridge has recently printed an innovative and visually striking educational tool for The Hepatitis C Trust, a registered charity located just up the road at Crosby Row, London SE1. The educational tool comes in the form of a board game, 50cm square, which is printed in full colour in a style similar to Monopoly or Snakes & Ladders. Along with the board itself comes a set of players’ cards that are used to affect progress and outcomes during the ‘game’. However, The Buddy Game is actually way more than a game. Part of a National project, it’s an educational tool that helps to train volunteers to help those who have come into contact with Hepatitis C, in the best possible way. Click the images to see the cards and board in more detail.

The Printing

Printed board game and cards for The Hepatitis C TrustThe board game was printed, using our large format printing facilities, on 190gsm photo paper. It was then gloss laminated. Design and artwork were supplied by the customer and 10 boards were produced for them.

The cards, which are part of the game, were also produced from the customer’s artwork files. They were digitally printed in full colour, both sides, onto 350gsm silk stock, which was then matt laminated to both sides. In total, each of the ten board games was supplied with 10 sets of 6 different cards, making a total of 600 printed cards provided by Southside Print London Bridge.

About The Hepatitis C Trust

The Hepatitis C Trust is a UK charity with offices in both London and Edinburgh. It is run by patients and ex-patients to help those who have been exposed to the disease. The charity’s primary mission is to help eradicate the disease completely and, with better treatments and new drug developments becoming available, this is now a real possibility — the disease could be eradicated perhaps by 2030 or even earlier. Along the way, the Trust also aims to end the discrimination often experienced by sufferers who are too often assumed to have contracted the disease through drug or substance abuse. The reality is that the condition can be contracted in many other ways and the stigma often attached to the disease is a misguided one, often leading to barriers when those affected try to access healthcare professionals. The Trust’s volunteers help to overcome such barriers by being a link between the professional service providers and the patients. As part of this, they accompany patients to hospital appointments. The Buddy Game itself trains the volunteers in how to answer questions relating to the care pathway, indicating what’s involved & what the patient can expect including examinations, scans, blood tests and so on. This combination is proven to improve outcomes for both patients & clinicians.

More information can be found on The Hepatitis C Trust’s website. Alternatively, contact The Hepatitis C Trust, 27 Crosby Row, London SE1 3YD. Telephone (office): 020 7089 6220 or, if you are affected by Hepatitis C, try the Helpline: 0845 223 4424 (10:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday).

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