Posters, Leaflets & Flyers for ‘Bang Said The Gun’

Posters, Leaflets & Flyers for ‘Bang Said The Gun’We’re delighted that ‘Bang Said the Gun‘ is one of our regular printing customers here at Southside Print London Bridge. They regularly come in for poster and flyer printing.

The printing

We produce posters sized from A4 to A2 for Bang Said the Gun. The A2 posters are printed on 190gsm photo satin finish on our large format printers while the smaller posters, hand-outs and A5 flyers and leaflets are printed single-sided onto 170gsm silk paper stock using the same artwork. The results are stand-out pieces with quite a unique, quirky look. Anyone who knows anything about Bang Said the Gun will not be surprised …

The Live Shows

Bang Said the Gun, as they say themselves, is performance poetry, ‘for people who don’t like poetry‘ and it’s packing in audiences on Thursday nights on Great Dover Street, London SE1. Bang are ‘hell bent on turning poetry and spoken word into bold, raw entertainment and making it accessible to as many people as possible’, referring to it as ‘Mud Wrestling with Words’ (also the name of their first published book*).  The result is a new, completely original, kind of live show which completely turns the concept of live poetry on its head. The National Theatre’s Inua Ellams agrees and is author to one of many gushing testimonials on the Bang website.

“Last night’s show was BRILLIANT, I mean stupendously so; I have never had so much fun … Incredible job; to have created not just a vibe, but a look, a sound, a style, an aesthetic so simply – entirely it’s own amongst all the live shows – is just stunning …”

Clearly an evening with Bang Said the Gun knocks one’s socks off! People really love it and The Times agrees, voting it the Best poetry gig in the UK. Two of Bang’s regular performers are even off to Edinburgh this year with their own shows; Rob Auton, who was signed by Avalon this year and is destined for big things, has a show all about Water while Jack Rooke will be talking about bereavement and the loss of his father using poetry and comedy.

Bang Said the Gun was started by Dan Cockrill and Martin Galton as an ‘antidote to dreary poetry and even drearier poetry nights‘. Their core audience is mostly young, bright ‘taste-makers’ who have become tired of the comedy scene and are looking for something fresh, exciting, quirky and original. In Bang they’ve certainly found it; Bang is enormously entertaining, even inspiring, and it’s now leading the way to show other venues how things can be done. Their London venue is packing audiences in, week in, week out.

Thursday Nights, London SE1:

Bang Said the Gun is based at The Roebuck, 50 Great Dover Street, London SE1. Visit
Your Thursday nights will never the same again!

* The Book

“Mud Wrestling with Words” is an anthology of poetry penned by the live performers from Bang Said the Gun including Ian McMillan, John Hegley, Marray Lachlan Young plus a whole host of new talent. Just like the live shows, the book is every bit a challenging romp and is compelling entertainment.

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