Litho Printing – When Only the Best Will Do

Litho printing services

At Southside Print in London Bridge, we’re very lucky to have both digital printing and litho printing facilities all in-house. While many London printers only offer the digital printing process, Southside Print customers benefit from all that lithographic printing has to offer — including:

Ultimate quality

Litho printing delivers the ultimate possible quality for the production of sales and marketing literature. Indeed, litho printing is the printing process by which all other commercial printing processes are benchmarked; within the printing trade we often appraise printing generated by digital printing presses to see how close to litho quality it is. While some high-end digital presses come close, none quite reach the ultimate quality which comes as standard when using litho printing presses.

But it doesn’t end there …

Varnishes & sealants

Litho printing presses also allow us to print varnishes which will give your printing an extra lustre or finish. For example matt or, more commonly, silk or gloss varnishes will ‘lift’ the colour depth, while printed machine sealants offer extra protection from fingerprinting. This is particularly important for dark or highly saturated colours which are being printed onto coated paper or board stocks.

Spot colour matching

Our litho printing presses also allow us to print ‘spot colour’ inks which are pre-mixed, highly accurate, Pantone matched liquid inks which are simply impossible to print using digital printing equipment.  Spot colour printing results in exact colour matching, to Pantone standards, meaning that we can print an exact colour match for special colours and important corporate/brand colours which have been specified using Pantone reference numbers. This exact matching is possible without any other reference being required, including any visual reference. For example we know that Pantone 485 is a particular bright red and Pantone 282 is a particular kind of ‘midnight blue’, and so on. Such colour accuracy is not possible using digital printing presses which simply approximate colours using combinations of the 4 standard ‘process’ colours of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Metallic & fluorescent inks

The spot colour capabilities of litho printing allow us to print metallic liquid inks and fluorescent inks onto your printed literature. Fluorescent inks can make graphics really stand out while metallic inks can give your printed brochures, corporate stationery and packaging graphics look a million dollars. Metallic inks these days go well beyond the simple gold, silver, copper, brass and bronze options — indeed there are hundreds of different metallic inks which can be printed using litho presses and these can make your sales and marketing collateral look very unusual and extremely high in quality. Metallic inks are simply not possible to print using digital presses.


Litho printing is usually the most cost-effective printing process if you need medium-to-high printing quantities. While digital printing is competitive for low-to-medium print volumes, litho printing will give you the lowest possible unit cost for larger volumes in particular.

Paper & texture variety

Litho printing allows us to print onto a far wider variety of papers and boards when compared to digital printing. This includes stocks from a huge range of suppliers and brands as well as a far larger range of paper and board thicknesses. Litho also allows us to print onto more interesting paper and board textures, for example watercolour textures, laid patterns and ‘onion skin’ (rippled) textures to name just a few.

Larger sheet sizes

Using litho printing presses we can print onto any size of sheet up to B1 (707mm x 1000mm). This is several times larger than the largest sheet size possible on standard digital printing presses. So if you have something which needs printing larger than SRA3, then our litho presses will help to make it possible.

Litho simply ticks all the boxes

In conclusion, if you want to produce the highest quality or are printing a significant volume of sales and marketing literature, then our litho printing service sounds like a perfect fit. The fine quality of litho will shine through on every piece, as will the vibrancy and saturation of spot colours, the lustre of metallic inks and the superior feel of the paper or board which only litho allows.

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