Our HP Z6200 Large Format Printer – Perfect for Posters & Much More!

HP Z6200 large format printer

Back in May, we wrote about all the new, high tech printing and finishing machines that we’ve recently added to our printing arsenal here at Southside Print in London SE1. However, we only briefly touched upon our new HP Z6200 large format printer, with a promise to tell you more about it in a future blog post. Well, that time has now come and below we tell you all about the HP Z6200 and what it can do for you — which is potentially quite a lot!

It’s a versatile large format printer

The HP Z6200 or, to give it its full name, the “HP DesignJet Z6200 Photo Production Printer”, is a professional, high quality large format thermal inkjet printer, which can print up to 42″ (1.067 metres) wide by almost any length. HP Z6200 Large Format PrinterSo, a couple of obvious examples of what it can be used for are posters and banners. However, it’s actually way more versatile than that, as we’ll see.

While Southside Print typically uses the machine to print out onto 200gsm (thick paper/thin card) photo stock with a satin finish, the machine will actually print on a huge variety of base stock should the need arise. That includes backlit material for signs, canvas for fine art prints, roll-up banner material for pop-up banners, glossy paper and photographic paper for beautifully glossy photographs, bond and coated papers, films for technical use, self-adhesive materials, and some types of media even right up to 460gsm in weight — that’s a very thick card!

So, this printer is extremely versatile and can print you pretty much anything, including:

  • engineering CAD drawings,
  • event graphics,
  • fine art prints,
  • posters,
  • banners and signs,
  • exhibition graphics,
  • POP (point of purchase) graphics,
  • architectural (AEC) prints,
  • glossy photos,
  • backlit displays,
  • detailed maps
  • and so much more.

What we print mostly with this machine, though, is posters. Take a look at the images below to see just a small selection of the diverse range of posters that we’ve produced using this printer in recent times. Quite a range! Regular readers may also spot some local clients who have previously been featured here on the Southside Print blog, including the restaurant 28°-50°, Art & Motty and Tranquility Pilates Centre amongst others.

Groomsmith Barbers' poster
28-50 restaurant menu poster
Printed poster for Wood's Old Navy Rum

A1 TranquilityPilates poster
A1 Oxo poster
Printed poster for Wood's Old Navy Rum

Art & Motty A1 printed poster
A1 Poster for The United Reformed Church
Printed poster for Wood's Old Navy Rum

It’s green – and any other colour you need!

It’s also very eco-friendly, being ‘Energy Star’ compliant (meaning it meets strict energy efficiency guidelines), with high-capacity/low wastage ink cartridges which are made partly of recycled materials themselves and contain water-based inks. Despite being water-based, these inks are durable and lightfast (lasting up to 200 years!) and highly accurate, with a built-in Pantone® emulator and 8 inks all working together to give an incredibly rich depth of colour, the smoothest tones as well as extremely fine, detailed print-outs. Perfect even for the most demanding of graphic design needs!

It’s fast and accurate!

The machine is fast too, being capable of printing 1225 square feet per hour if needed. Detail is incredibly sharp, with a printing resolution of up to 2400 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi). So the finest details and thinnest of lines can be output with ease and accuracy.

Large format printing for London Bridge, Borough, SE1 and beyond

Next time you need posters, display graphics, banners, stretched canvases for fine art, mounted photographs or anything ‘large format’, do please let us offer you a quotation. Quotes are free and without pressure or obligation, so you have nothing to lose. Printing quality and customer service is, of course, top-notch and we’re a friendly team! So, please call Southside Print on 020 7378 6754, drop into the shop or leave us a message here, or request a free printing quotation online here and we’ll be delighted to help. Many thanks!