Business Cards for The Electoral Reform Society

Printed business cards for the Electoral Reform Society

Southside Print London Bridge recently re-printed business cards for The Electoral Reform Society which is based in the same SE1 London area and is a leading proponent for democratic reform in the UK. The business cards were printed in ‘full colour process’ (also known as ‘CMYK’) and were double-sided using a design and layout supplied by our very own Matt Potter here in the London Bridge branch of Southside Print. The cards used a 450gsm silk coated stock which, after printing, was finished with a matt lamination. This protects the cards as well as giving them a contemporary look and a soft, silky feel.

About the Society

The Society stands firm in their belief that “Politics can be better than it is” and campaigns for a better democracy.

“Our vision is a representative democracy fit for the 21st Century.”

Just a few of the specific issues that the Society aims to improve include:

  • the fact that the House of Lords remains totally unelected, flying in the face of a so-called democracy;
  • reducing the ‘gender gap’ by increasing the low number of women in politics;
  • reducing big money’s influence on politics;
  • making votes match the make-up of seats in Parliament more fairly;
  • making sure that those in power can be held to account by voters;
  • ensuring that every voter can help shape the decisions that will affect their lives.

Founded in 1884, The Electoral Reform Society was then known as the Proportional Representation Society. Its founder was the Victorian naturalist and archaeologist called Sir John Lubbock and its aim was to gather like-minded people together to fight for a fairer vote.  The Society quickly grew in numbers and included C.P. Scott, the editor of what’s now called The Guardian, The Reverend Charles Dodgson, who we all know better as ‘Lewis Carroll’, and Thomas Hare who brought about the Single Transferable Vote.

“Politics is too important to be left to the politicians”

Now based in London SE1, the Society is made up of members from all age groups and from all walks of life.  There is a dedicated team of people who manage the Society, a council that is elected by its members and an advisory committee.

“The Electoral Reform Society operates on a simple premise – that politics can be better than it is. We campaign for a better democracy.”

You can learn more about The Electoral Reform Society at or contact them at 2-6 Boundary Row, London, SE1 8HP.  Their telephone number is 020 3714 4070 and you can email them at for more information or to get more closely involved.

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Main Parliament photo: by Diliff (Own work), Licensed via Creative Commons (BY-SA 2.5).