Munro-Forster-brochureBrochures are a priceless marketing tool for just about any business or organisation. Akin to a mini shop window or store front they will work hard to silently market your product or service to your target market, especially if written, designed and printed well. That’s helped still further if they also include professionally generated photographs or illustrations to showcase your products or services in the best possible light. With a well executed brochure, all your key sales and marketing information will be available anywhere, all distilled down in a handy, portable format. Unlike a physical store, they can be perused at your prospect’s leisure, whether mailed in the post, distributed from dispensers, left at coffee tables and receptions or handed out face-to-face.

Brochure Formats

Gembuild-brochures-2Typical brochure formats include:
  • standard ‘saddle-stitched’ brochures;
  • wiro-bound brochures;
  • perfect bound brochures;
  • hybrid brochures e.g. that may have extra fold-out sections;
  • brochures that double up as folders, for example with pockets for inserts at the front or back.


Shapes & Sizes

Most brochures are based upon the ‘A’ sized paper sizes, for example A4, A5 and A6 etc. Such sizes can be presented in portrait or landscape mode, although portrait format tends to be most common as it’s more cost-effective to produce due to the way it uses standard stock sizes (less waste).

Aside from the standard ‘A’ sizes, there are also a few other brochure shapes that are quite effective, including:

  • Square brochures (typical sizes include 210mm square and 148.5mm square) — these have a certain charm about them;
  • 6-page format (like a wide gate fold);
  • ‘DL’ sized mini brochures (most often portrait in format, being H210mm x W99mm, which is easily accomplished simply by folding an A4 sheet into three).

Power-to-Change-wiro-bound-brochuresEach of these sizes and formats will give your brochure a different feel which will, in turn, affect that all important first impression — important because your brand, product and service are all at stake. If your brochure looks poorly conceived and underwhelming, that is inevitably how your product, brand or service will also be perceived, so it’s important to take everything into consideration and to get it right.

Brochure Finishes


Sola-Consulting-brochureLaminating the cover of your brochure will add a high quality, tactile feel to it as well as giving the brochure extra protection and some resistance to water. Lamination options include matt laminate, gloss laminate and ‘soft touch’ laminate. Matt lamination gives brochures a lovely soft feel and slightly mutes the contrast of images and colours. Soft-touch lamination is very similar in appearance but has a softer, almost slightly rubbery feel to the touch. Gloss lamination adds a rich shine to your brochures and really lifts the printed imagery — colours tend to look more punchy and are more saturated — however the final choice of which lamination style to use comes down to personal preference as well as suitability to the design and colour scheme that’s featured in your particular brochure.

Southside Print has in-house lamination facilities, so do ask us more about the various options available. We can show you samples so that you can see the differences yourself, perhaps before finalising the specification of your own brochure.

Coated paper surfaces

Woodside-High-School-brochuresOf course, you could forget lamination completely (particularly if you’re wishing to save as much money as possible) and instead rely on the paper surface to do the work in respect of the surface finish. We can print on matt coated paper, gloss coated paper (not as glossy as lamination but it does have a definite sheen) and silk coated stocks. Silk coated paper is a nice halfway house between matt and gloss, having a pleasant, high quality feel about it.

Uncoated paper surfaces

Alternatively, brochures can be printed on uncoated papers or card weights and these look more muted, with lower contrast, but can give the finished brochure a nice contemporary look and feel. It all depends upon what the brochure is for and what kind of design your brochure features. While B2B brochures might typically use gloss, silk or matt coated papers, B2C organisations that want a more natural, ‘outdoorsy’ or earthy feel might go with uncoated paper stocks (or certainly stocks that look like they’re uncoated — technically speaking, a completely hidden coating can actually benefit the print quality and colours as it stops the ink being sucked up into the uncoated fibres, which might otherwise look too flat in terms of contrast and detail).

The-Bakery-brochureFoil blocking

Foil blocking your brochures, perhaps only for small details like a logo or title on the cover, can add a real feel of quality. Available in metallic colours of gold, silver, gunmetal, copper and many others, metallic foil really sets your brochures apart from the competition.


Click the thumbnail images (right) to see a few examples of brochures that we’ve recently produced for customers right across London and the UK. Most are printed in full colour with some being litho printed and others being digitally printed. You can also spot several examples of the various binding methods that we mention above, including saddle-stitched binding, wiro binding and perfect binding. Take a look.

Brochure printing in London Bridge, Borough and SE1

If you require any brochure or booklet printing or design, call Southside Print on 020 7378 6754, send us a message here, request a quotation here or upload your finished artwork here — we’ll be more than happy to make your brochure printing look every bit the part, without costing the Earth. With our high quality digital and litho printing, in-house lamination facilities and state-of-the-art printing presses, you’ll get the very best quality, competitive pricing and the fastest turnaround times available in London SE1. Give us a try — quotations and advice are totally free!

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